Important Circular and Notification

Title Branch Memo No. Issue Date
Instructions regarding construction of Roads and Fresh appointments etc. in Agriculture Deaprtment and allied Board and Corporation Agri Agril.(s)2/96/14445 1996-06-14
Technical circular Guidelines for submitting detailed estimate for roads. Chief CE-89/2845-59 1989-02-27
Improvement of efficiency/rooting out corruption from Govt.offices. G.A.-II GA-II-97/22333-44 1997-04-04
Proposal for Const. of Link Roads Chief AR-I-98/6582-6606 1998-06-08
Construction of Link Roads Chief AR-I/98/19106-30 1998-11-09
Submission of D.N.I.T well in time CA CEA-3-95/4306-30 1995-03-27
Preparation of estimates Chief C&E-II-3481-99/15635-884 1999-03-11
Policy regarding construction of rural link roads and repair of urban roads. Chief AR-I-96/14319-46 1996-10-30
Details of Physical & Financial position on annual Maintenance of Roads in HSAMB during 1999-2000 Chief AR-I-99/3292-314 1999-09-20
Guidelines regarding submission of D/Estimate for Technical sanction. Chief AR-I-99/12849-71 1999-09-07
Disbursal of arrear on account of revision of pay scales w.e.f 1.1.96 & payment of interest thereon. General 4/4(37)98-2FR-I 1998-10-27
Abolition of Municipalities in the state FC IA/Election/2000/8805 2000-03-02
Emapnelment of Advocates to be engaged by the Boards/Corporation in the High Court/Tribunals/Commissions and other Authorities AO General 473 2000-09-12
Construction of rural roads by PWD B&R on behalf of HSAMBoard EIC 13939 1995-07-10
Approval for structural design from private consultant Chief CEA-I-2001/5682-5710 2001-04-10
Timely action and filing of appeals in the District courts CA CA-II-2001/90576-724 2001-12-18
Grant of ACP scale clarification regarding. General GA-I-2003/4023-4182 2003-01-22
Guideline for handling/defending the Arbitration Cases Admin ADA-I-Admn-III/07/8801-11 1987-02-05
Regulation of sanctioning of annual repairs and maintenance of works Chief 13552-56 2003-09-18
Annual and Special Repair of Rural Link Roads Chief AR-I-95/11308-450 1995-06-02
Instruction regarding disposal of the cases/references Chief AR-I-03/14718-38 2003-10-14
Policy regarding construction of rural link roads. Chief AR-I-03/290-309 2003-01-13
Modification/amendments in the existing procedure of enlistment of contractors with the Board CA 3886-3933 1997-09-03
Amendment in the clause of 25-A of the Agreement. Chief CEA-V-94/15159-70 1994-10-28
Running and hiring charges of Departmental Road Rollers. Mech XEN(Mech.)-2007/81059-85 2007-10-25
Providing premix carpet on new link roads Chief 11729-59 2009-09-17
Specification for constructions/Special repairs of link roads. Chief CEA-I-2009/15367-99 2009-11-26
Economy Measures-instruction regarding FC 5/6/2002-1B&C 2009-12-11
Specificaiton of construction and special repair of link roads Chief 14363-68 2009-10-28
Execution of Development Works of Marketing Board/ MC-Registration/ enlistment of Contractors with the HSAMBoard Chief 4707-39 2010-04-01
Construction of Retaining wall along Rural Link Roads. Chief 11692-722 2010-07-23
Writing of Annual confidential reports for the year 2009-10 and pending ACRs for the preceding Years General GA-I-5078-2010/47366-523 2010-05-25
Procurement of Cement, Steel & Bitumen by contractural agencies. Chief CEA-I-2010/15775-800 2010-10-07
Registration of construction workers as beneficiaries under the Building & other Construction Workers (Regulation & Employment & Conditions of Service) Act 1996 General GA-I-2010/76468-98 2010-08-10
Repair of link roads falling in the notified areas of Municipal Corporations General AR-I/2010/16455-85 2010-10-18
Use of earth in the construction of link roads in the state of haryana by HSAMB Chief 15810-35 2010-10-07
Introduction of "Third party inspection system" for the Development works being undertaken in the Haryana State Agricultural Marketing Board. Chief 17746-76 2010-11-09
Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) Chief CEA-I-2010/18417-47 2010-11-26
Instruction of Patch Work Chief PS/CE-259 2011-02-04
Commencement of works Chief 3590-3600 2011-03-08
Implementation of system for procurement of bitumen,Cement & Steel through contractural agencies for execution of development of works of roads and mandis Chief CEA-I-2010/18492-722 2010-11-30
Allotment of HSAMB's Houses ME ME-II-2011/32579-32687 2011-05-17
Departmental Charges. Chief 1671-92 2011-05-30
Intoduction of "Third Party Inspection System" for the development works being under taken by the Haryana State Agricultural Marketing Board in the State Chief AR-I-2011/9380-9413 2011-07-04
Annual and special repair of rural link roads Chief AR-I-95/11308-450 1995-06-02
Submission of R/C/Estiamte for S/R of Link roads in 8th Priority Chief AR-I-2010/5850-80 2010-04-16
Proceedings of the review meeting of Development works held on 03.06.2009 Chief C&E-II-2009/66/170204 2009-06-08
Meeting regarding convergene of MGNREGS work with the schemes line department-Guide line for construction of roads involving earth work under MGNREGS Chief CEA-I-2011/14142-77 2011-09-14
Implementation of procedure and powers (DFR) in HSAMB Cheif 13801-36 2011-09-08
Implementation of procedure and power in HSAMB prescribed in PWD code and DFR Chief 13612-47 2011-09-08
Delegation of financial powers- Amendment in Deaprtmental financial Rules (DFR). General GA-III-2009/12707-37 2009-02-25
Revision of premia various chapters of PWD schedule of rates 1998- 2nd Edition Haryana Govt. Gazettee Notification dated 22.11.2011 Chief CEA-I-2011/19218-53 2011-12-09
Single Tenders Chief CEA-I-2011/4624-59 2011-03-28