CM                              AM

Hon’ble Shri Nayab Singh,                    Hon'ble Shri Kanwar Pal,

Chief Minister                                         Agriculture Minister

After the creation of State of Haryana in 1966, the State began its exciting and inspiring story of development. In the agricultural sector, with success of green revolution, Haryana became the second State having large agriculture surplus. State of Haryana is regarded as the wheat basket and rice bowl of India, contributing 45% of rice and 65% of wheat to the central pool and more than 5% to total food production of the country.

It was, therefore, imperative that a strong and efficient marketing infrastructure is created by setting up modern markets and evolving a feasible and efficient marketing system in the State. The pre-requisite for this was the constitution of an Agricultural Marketing Board.

Therefore, Haryana State Agricultural Marketing Board was constituted on Ist August, 1969 with its headquarter at Chandigarh, the capital of Haryana. At the time of its inception, there were only 58 Market Committees in the State with 58 Principal yards and 60 Sub Yards. Even these markets were small and congested and lacked the basic amenities and facilities for proper handling of the arrivals. The farmers had to travel long distances even upto 50 to 60 kilometers to bring their produce and often on katcha roads, to the Markets.

The Haryana State Agricultural Marketing Board was set up on 1st August, 1969 for exercising superintendence and control over the Market Committees of Haryana. The primary objective of the Board has been to set up a marketing infrastructure for better regulation of the purchase, sale, storage and processing of agricultural produce within the framework of Punjab Agricultural Produce Markets Act, 1961 and Punjab Agricultural Produce Markets (General) Rules, 1962. The Board, therefore, regulates the marketing of agricultural produce. It provides infrastructure for facilitating marketing of agricultural produce. It supports agricultural development.

The Board has been promoting the interest of the farmer, facilitating the buyers. Today, it has created excellent facilities for marketing of agricultural produce through 107 Principal Market Yards, 174 Sub Yards and 195 Purchase Centres (see detail in INFRASTRUCTURE).

Now we are on threshold of re-defining our roles and restructuring ourselves to meet the fast changing dynamics of agri-business world and the rising expectation of the modern farming practices. Today we seek to help our farmer to get maximum benefit by providing latest market information in prices and trade practices. It is the need of the day to respond to the changing trends in agriculture at global level (see detail in VISION & MISSION).