Q1  How can I get a license for category  I, II,  III, ?

Submit an application alongwith  Form A  and necessary documents to E.O.Cum Secretary market committee  concerned. After verification of documents you have to deposit required security in post office or  nationalized  bank. Then  E.O.Cum. secretary will forward it  to the D.M.E.O. concerned for issue of license of category I ,II, III,as the case may be.

Q2  As a dealer, how many returns I have to file?        

You have to file only one return on M form  as prescribed  in PAPM (G) Rules,1962.

Q3  How many categories of license are under section 10  of the PAMP Act 1961 and what is the security and license fee thereof ?

As per Rules framed under the act there are three categories of license under section 10. license fee and security is as under:-

Category of Licenses

License  Fee


Per annum

Per quarter of the year or part thereof



Factory including ginning factory sheller, flour mill, oil expeller, Dal Mill or cold storage or processing of agricultural produce.





Commission agent, Kacha Arhtiya or other wholesale dealer for sale, purchase or storage of agricultural produce.





Other dealers whose annual turn over of agricultural produce exceeds rupees sixty thousand but does not exceeds rupees one lac.




Q5   How to renew a license?

 A renewal application should be submitted to the E.O.Cum Secretary  market committee concerned under rule 21 before 30 days of expiry date.

Q 6 What is the grace period for renewal of license.?

30 days grace period is allowed for getting the license renewed i.e.up to 30th April of every year as prescribed under rule 21.

Q7   What is the time period of renewal of license against penalty?.

The competent authority can renew a license on request imposing a penalty equal to the amount of annual license fee with in the next    30 days i.e.up to 30th May of every year.

Q8  How can I get register as a contractor in the Marketing Board?

For registration, a prospectus is available in all the S.E.s offices after paying Rs.500 or you can down load from website of HSAMB. Then

Rs.500 will be deposited at the time of submission of application.(see detail in “download form" enlistment form.

Q10 Who is eligible to get plot in mandi on reserve price?

The plots are allotted on reserve price to the old licensees of category II  i.e.Katcha Arhityas who have valid license for two years  on the date of auction .(See.detail in Plot allotment rules)

Q11 Who can participate in auctions and get plot?

Everybody above eighteen years age can participate in auction for getting a plot after depositing required earnest money at the time of auction.