Facilities in Market Yards

The board has been continuosly endeavoring to improve upon the marketing system in the state. New Markets are being developed to replace the old existing markets and better facilities are countinued to be provided in the existing markest so that sale and purchase of agriculture produce may take place smoothly in the markets. In all reality, the Punjab Agricultural Produce Markets Act, 1961, laid the foundation for a statewide agricultural marketing infrastructure with the roles, responsibilities and scopes of various entities pre-defined and well regulated. HSAMB implements these administrative and infrastructural arrangements through the various Market Committees (MCs).

There are in total 107 Market Committees all over Haryana, with 107 principal market yards (Mandis) and 174 of sub-yards and 195 purchase centers, 33 Fruit & vegetable mandis, 25 Fodder mandis and 107 Grain Markets. The MCs have been provided with all required infrastructural facilities such as :- 

  1. Agri Business Information Centre 
  2. Boundary wall 
  3. Check post & Gates 
  4. Common auction platforms 
  5. Covered Platforms 
  6. Individual platforms 
  7. Shops & booths
  8. Weigh bridge 
  9. Internal and service roads 
  10. Approach and link roads
  11. Food storage godowns. 
  12. Kisan Rest House
  13. Light arrangement
  14. Parking place
  15. Fire fighting station
  16. Drinking water facilities 
  17. Sulabh Sauchalya 
  18. Provision of site for Post Office & Banks. 
  19. Canteen 
  20. Provision for water supply and sewerage system. 
  21. Provision for petrol/diesel pump.