New Schemes & Initiatives

  1. Setting up of Agri-Business & Information Centres :
    These centres are being set up at all district headquarter mandis to provide information on market, agronomic practices and organise seminars, workshops, buyer-seller meets etc. These centres also house the Agricultural Development Officers and provide regular training to farmers and help in improving the quality of the agricultural products. Two such centres have already been made functional at Sirsa and Hisar and it is proposed to set up centers in all district headquarters.
  2. Setting up of Farmers Markets :
    In order to provide opportunity to the farmers for selling their produce directly to the consumers and realize better prices for the farmers, two farmers markets at Panchkula and Gurgaon are being set up. These farmers’ markets will also be a nodal point for dissemination of information and providing technical inputs and know-how to the farmers in collaboration with the experts in agriculture/horticulture. It will also help the farmers to add value to their produce by introducing quality controls and certification measures.
  3.  Contract Farming : 
    Necessary amendments have been made in the Punjab Agricultural Produce Markets Act, 1961 to introduce contract farming.
  4. Setting up of New Modern Fruit and Vegetable Markets : 
    New Fruit and Vegetable Markets will be set up at each district headquarter in a phased manner which will provide separate retail and wholesale sections. Such markets will have modern facilities for the convenience of users and better systems for information and quality upgradation of products of farmers. These markets will have storage facility and cooling chambers.
  5.  Creation 0f Commercial, Research & Training and Quality Control Divisions at the headquarters : 
    These divisions will provide training on marketing, post harvest management of crop, organize buyer-seller meets, and promote contract between bulk buyers and farmers.
  6.  Setting up of a Modern Terminal Fruit & Vegetable Market at Rai : 
    A major initiative has been taken for setting up of an Ultra Modern Terminal Market for Fruits and Vegetables at Rai, with the help of Government of India at the estimated cost of Rs.65.00 crores, which will have capability of more than 1000 MT per day. This market will cater to registered bulk buyers and exporters and will have electronic grading-sorting lines, cooling chambers and electronic bidding systems. The model also envisages setting up of collection centres in selected villages in a catchment area of 50 kms. in the 1st phase. These collection centres will provide all facilities of grading & sorting, information, banks and insurance to the farmers.