Market Assistance Scheme

Farmers Market Assistance Scheme.
It is common knowledge that diversification of crops is difficult process unless the farmers are provided assured marketing. Although introduction of Contract Farming is one of the measures, yet it will be beneficial if direct assistance is provided to farmers for marketing. This assistance will be given to cluster of farmers and will be introduced on pilot basis in selected Districts and for selected crops. The following specific measures are proposed to be taken:-

  1. Assistance in transportation.

    Preferably air cooled/refrigerated vans to enable farmers to transport vegetables and fruits/flowers to the markets are proposed to be provided.

  2.  Assistance in packaging  material

    Assistance in packaging the produce in plastic bags/ crates etc so that the loss in quality or quantity occurring due to repeated handling is reduced.

  3. Publicity.

    The farmer's cooperatives, associations, Kisan clubs or self help groups, who are keen to market their product, assistance can be given for publicity in shape of printing of literatures, advertisement etc.

Therefore, a budget provision of Rs. 7.00 crores has been made \under sub head "Farmers Input Scheme" and Rs. 2.00 Crore under sub head "Farmers Market Assistance Scheme" under a newly created head " New Schemes" in Revenue Payments.